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The Healthier Together Committees in Common (CiC), made up of GPs from each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in Greater Manchester, is responsible for making decisions about the proposals based on a wide range of evidence gathered during the last three years. This includes feedback from the public consultation held last year and data relating to; travel and access, quality and safety, transition (how easy it will be to achieve the change) and affordability and value for money.

Before the public consultation, commissioners decided that there should be at least three single services in Greater Manchester.  Salford Royal Hospital, Central Manchester Hospitals and the Royal Oldham Hospital will each specialise in emergency abdominal surgery (general surgery) due to the existing clinical services they currently provide and to ensure all areas in Greater Manchester have equitable access to specialist services. Each of these hospitals will work in a single service with other neighbouring hospitals in Greater Manchester. 

On Wednesday 17th June 2015, commissioners reached a unanimous decision that implementing four single services would be the best way to deliver hospital services in Greater Manchester to improve standards of care and save more lives.   
The evidence showed that four single services would offer exactly the same quality and benefits as five, however it would be quicker and easier to recruit the additional doctors needed to run four single services. This means the NHS can start saving more lives, sooner. In the long term, four single services will also cost less to run, making services more stable and sustainable for future generations. 

At a meeting on 15th July, commissioners unanimously decided that Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport would be the fourth hospital in Greater Manchester to provide emergency abdominal surgery as part of one of the four single services. Commissioners decided that this is the best option to serve the whole of Greater Manchester and those who use our services from neighbouring areas.

The following hospitals will work in partnership to provide shared single services: 

  • Manchester Royal Infirmary, Wythenshawe Hospital and Trafford General Hospital
  • Royal Oldham Hospital, North Manchester General Hospital, Fairfield Hospital in Bury, and Rochdale Infirmary      
  • Salford Royal Hospital, Royal Bolton Hospital and Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan 
  • Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport and Tameside General Hospital

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