What we spend and how we spend it

Annual Statement of Accounts





These are sent to CCG Governing Body every month and can be found within the Governing Body meeting papers.Capital Programme and the Financial Audit Reports. 

These are part of the Finance Report and can be found within the Governing Body meeting papers every month.

Recent Spends Over £25k

The documents below shows all recent expenditure over £25k.

 2013  2014 2015   2016 2017 
 -  January  January  January   January
 -  February  February  February  February
 -  March  March  March  March 
 April  April  April  April  April
 May  May  May  May  May
 June  June  June  June  June
 July  July  July  July  July
 August  August  August  August  August
 September September  September  September  September
 October  October  October  October  October
 November  November  November
 November  November
 December  December  December  December  December

Financial Sanctions 

The application of financial sanctions against failure of national and operational standard stipulated within the NHS Standard contract 


NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG has agreed to reinvest contract penalties for 2015/16.  This will substantially reduce the overall financial risk to the local health economy and also provide a period of stability for the Trust. The reinvested contract penalties support action plans to improve upon those areas that contributed to the breach.