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Stay Well This Winter: keep safe and warm

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We have listed below some useful information and contact numbers for older people to help them through the dark nights and cold weather.

Keep yourself warm

Make sure you have enough food in the house, just in case the weather gets worse.  

Keeping warm, both inside and outdoors, over the winter months can help to prevent colds, flu and more serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression. You should:

  • Wear several layers of light clothes, as these trap warm air better than one bulky layer
  • Heat your home to at least 18C (65F)
  • Stay active – try not to sit still for more than an hour or so

Keep out the cold at night

Keep your bedroom window closed on winter nights – breathing cold air can be bad for your health as it increases the risk of chest infections. Get the right help. Make sure you’re receiving all the help you are entitled to. Learn how to make your home more energy efficient and take advantage of financial schemes to keep up with energy bills. See Keep Warm, Keep Well for details.

You can also check your heating and cooking appliances are safe and operating properly by contacting a Gas Safe registered engineer.

For more information on how to stay well this winter visit www.nhs.uk/staywell.

Keep yourself safe 

If you are not expecting a caller DON’T let anyone in your home.  Are you part of the ‘No Code Callers Scheme’? If not, you can contact Trading Standards for their support.  If you need a job doing ‘Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council's Buy with Confidence’ has lots of approved traders for you.  For details visit: https://www.tradingstandards.uk/   

Have you had your Flu Vaccine?

There are a number of ways to have one.  Visit your GP or local pharmacy (small cost).                  

If you are not feeling well and need medical advice did you know your local Pharmacy can help you?

Call into a Pharmacy near to you or telephone Go to Doc on 111.

Emergency telephone numbers

If you have an emergency or a sudden change in your circumstances you can contact Tameside Council's out of hours service on: 0161 342 2222.

Non-emergency Police are available on: 101.

In you are in immediate danger and not a routine enquirer call for Police/Ambulance or Fire on: 999.

Advice and Support

No-one needs to be lonely or feel isolated. Did you know The Silverline have volunteers who are on the other end of the phone.  You can ring them anytime of the day and night on: 0800 4 70 80 90.  It's free to call.   

Leap is available to help support you if you need free advice.  Visit their website: https://www.projectleap.org.uk/how-leap-works

Did you know your local faith groups are there for you too? Pop in to see them for more information.                                 

Age UK Tameside is available to offer you advice and support. Call into their Centre on Katherine Street, Ashton-under-Lyne or telephone: 0161 308 5000.

Ask your friends or family if you need more shopping.  They are only a phone call away.

Do you have a pendant alarm? Do you wear it? If you need assistance don’t forget to press your alarm.  The wardens are available 24 hours a day.  The pendant alarm gives you that security if you need help.  It is also peace of mind for your family too. If you want to discuss the possibility of having an alarm you can contact the Community Response Team on: 0161 342 5100.

The Big Local Hub Ambleside Stalybridge Helpline on: 0161 465 5447.

For further information on how to Stay Well This Winter click here.